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This documentary presents the natural beauty of the shifting sand dunes of the Curonian Spit, the romantic beaches of the Latvian Baltic Sea and the island worlds of Estonia. Time and again, this deserted and almost untouched nature fascinates. In the winter, ringed seals give birth to their young on the pack ice. In the spring, Konik wild horse stallions fight fierce battles amongst themselves, while colourful European rollers fly through the dune forests. Lynxes wander through the coastal forests and in the orchid meadows turncoats and hoopoes find more than enough food. On the islands around Saaremaa in Estonia, grey seals hunt for fish. They share the archipelago with Europe’s largest tern, the Caspian tern.

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First time seeing this part of the world- being raised in the US- just a dash country centric I had to look up where the Baltic Sea is- but I found it and this was a wonderful view of the beauty and the amazing animals that live there. Thank-you so very much the video and the narration were both delightful. Just loved it and very calming as well.

The fact that this channel doesn’t just do the normal nature docs, they do those that you wouldn’t even think of. Top tier content. Love this video ❤️

Estonia is my birth country. Nature everywhere is beautiful. I wish people would cherish the planet and the biodiversity it provides. We are part of the whole nature, small part of it, yet we act like kings of the hill.

Estonia and Latvia have low populations and large areas of Nature that has not been developed,ideal for wildlife of all types to flourish. The Narrator was well versed and knowledgeable as this Documentary was presented.

Fantastic documentary! Great filming, sound, narration and lovely part of the world. Very relaxing watch – thank you!

I live in Lithuania and nice to see this doc starts with our country Curonia Spit, but this is not what it was like 35-40 years ago. Back than when I was a kid we spent there countless summer days and sand dunes where like Sahara or smth., no grass like these days, pure sand. It changed a lot.

Nothing is more stunning than nature.