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The Swiss Alps: Wild Animal Paradise | Free Documentary Nature

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Gentle, green meadows, rugged rock faces, mysterious lakes, dense forests, tall mountains, low-lying river deltas, quietly meandering mountain streams and smack dab in the middle, a unique fauna – THIS is Switzerland! We trace the elementary power of nature and present animals and plants in landscapes that have hardly ever been touched by mankind. Switzerland is an alpine country, but it is also Europe’s surge tank. Rivers such as the Rhine and the Rhone have their sources here. Glaciers, crevasses, icy cold caves and the underwater dome of the Verzasca are the unusual settings we chose for this film. We meet with rare, selected animal species and present their behavioural patterns, such as the Swiss or Arven jay, the lynx and albino catfish. Cold, wind, snow and extreme locations demand adaptation that make us marvel.

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Awesome documentary. No words to express the nature’s beauty. a wide range of wild life and natural beauty. Enjoyed a lot.

The highly impressive wild animals of Swiss Alps. I appreciated to whom makes this kind of effort to makes valuable video from nature.

Unbelievably beautiful documentary on wild life of Switzerland. Really enjoyed it very much.

How beautiful is this. Thanks a lot for this wonderful documentary. Blessed Switzerland.

Thanks so much for this nature documentary program ….. it is great to be able to watch all the wonders of Nature and her animals in the comfort of my home!

That’s an amazing nature 🌲🌲🌍I love it ❤❤

I love watching these documentaries of wild animals in beautiful places.