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Bizarre Animal Costumes – Surviving in the Wild | Free Documentary Nature

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Imagine creatures that can still shock and awe? Well, animals can. How? With super strange and seriously weird and wonderful shapes and colours. These animals’ bizarre costumes are vital to surviving in the wild. Sometimes they’re disguised to help blend in, other times they are designed to stand out and show off. Whether it’s a monkey in make-up or a salamander’s toxic stripes, the weird and wonderful outfits enable creatures to thrive and survive.

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Beautiful animals really nature

From this video we can understand that the nature is not only humam’s home.

19:15 How scared was that little rodent…scared the s**t right out of him. Just beautiful, LOL

Wonderful . 🙏 Thank you

In this video peacock is stolen my heart completely

Great Documentary Channel that i enjoys watching and learning about animals.

What a lovely documentary! Wonderful photography and great voice-over…I didn’t want it to end!

i just have to ask, why do you remove the nest so early?