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The Fifth Mind (Full Movie) | Psychological Drama

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A traumatic portrait of two siblings torn apart by a vicious, traumatic childhood experience, and how they try and put the pieces back together two decades later.
Crime. Drama

Directed by Naoko Tajima
Starring Jack Diamond, Julia Duvall, Victoria Gilson
The Fifth Mind

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Very good movie, very good acting. Violence is still so common in our world and it’s good to show how this vicious circle works affecting all the family…

Well presented, well acted and very insightful. A true tragedy. The heart bleeds for children who are abused and left to suffer the sickness of those who are meant to love and protect them.

I really admired how this movie portrayed the role of the subconscious mind protecting the person from a very painful event.
I’m also amazed by the compassionate attitude of the prison officers which is seldom seen now.
Congratulations to the scriptwriter and director of this movie but most of all to all the actors. Well done!

Such a sick individual to do that to your child……
he killed his father but his pain and misery never stoped the flash backs of what his father did to him stayed.
So sad.
I hope everyone who watched this learns something from this.
Abuse always leads the mind to a dark place and not many is strong enough to handle it.
My heart goes out to everyone who survived abused and whose mental health didnt lead them to a dark place.

The actor who portrayed 5 different people, should be applauded. What a fabulous performance he did. I saw Sybil and to be able to do this kind of thriller, you really have to live it daily. For him to act in a way to portray these five people is just astounding. I also believed him, especially when the sister did such a great performance trying to help him through all of his past. Sexual abuse is terrible and boys are not portrayed in this way. Men want to be strong for everyone involved. The actors are just impeccable with every scene. Kudos to all who wrote, edited, directed and all of those who had a part of helping this film be as awesome as it is. Thank you for a seriously great job 👏 love 💕

As a 4-year-old I lost my father (a journalist) from a car accident on Donner Pass. When I was six, I was sexually molested by one of my mother’s many boyfriends. Six months later, my mother abandoned me. At 8, my mother remarried and left with her new husband and my baby half-sister on a ship setting sail for Australia. Two and a half years later she returned to the U.S. for my younger brother and me. In Australia I tried to be a happy 11-year-old boy that only wanted to please everyone. I became physically terrified by my step-father who would beat me for little or, to me, no apparent reason. I am well aware that it affected my mental state deeply, but I never gave in to it, at least consciously. As a late teen and into my adulthood I struggled with alcohol and drug addictions, but have never sought to blame this on anyone or any environmental cause. To be honest, I know that early abuse, especially when one’s brain is still forming neural pathways, it never leaves you.

A brilliant movie dealing with the hidden things within a family that happened years ago. It also was a very good representation of multiple personalities and why they become so. The story certainly made me think and remember things I wouldn’t want to remember fo things that went on in my early life. The acting was also brilliant and made everything very believable. I got lost in the depths of this movie.

Really good film; really very good. Not your average ‘movie’, but a real film. Highly recommend. Everything about this was so very well done. Everyone involved in it can be very proud that they were part of creating something authentic, and portrayed brilliantly by the actors.

Powerful movie. This movie gives a voice to those ones who can not express their childhood unjustices. Brilliantly acted and filmed. Powerful in every way, from the pace in which the story is unfolding to the acting and use of sound, music. The depth of our coping mechanisms is brilliantly portrayed. Also, importanly, it was nice to see prison officers depicted in a positive way, it can be a difficult work, I assume. Very sad story and the poetic aspect of this movie makes it easier to watch. A Masterpiece.

Nice to watch something that isn’t overblown and overacted.
British drama’ films and series are so much more true to life and substancial than the pumped up and pumped out American’ movies. The Brit’s excel in this.
Thanks so much for this download.
So many children endure this kind of abuse. My adopted daughter for one, love her. Some things in this life truly create a revolting stink. 😥

Great acting, direction, and film score… Tough to watch, but brilliant, poignant and meaningful film… The betrayal of trust is such a devastating force.

Excellent film,,, brilliant acting by both siblings & the officers ,,,
Conscious & sub conscious mind playing their roles in given circumstances
was well performed & written,,, good film for psychology students 👍🏿

What a brilliant film. The pace is like a normal heart beat: strong, thundering but this heart beat had a powerful message. Simply splendid.

All parents who commit sexual abuse of their own children should be castrated immediately. Also grandparents, uncles, brothers, Catholic priests, etc.
The damage and trauma are so terrible and irreparable for all the innocent children.

This movie is must see, haunting yet incredibly compassionate. The acting is brilliant! A child’s subconscious is very protective as this movie portrays so very well. Thank you for the upload.

beautifully shot,totally real characters,all to tragic story thousands of children are still suffering this,and thousands more trying to live with it, definitely a film to watch …thank you.

I think there’s a lot of things that can fracture a child’s mind besides sexual abuse. Even when parents split up or one just takes off and never comes back, that’s enough for the child’s mind to become disturbed. And if it’s never dealt with professionally, it will cause problems for the person throughout their entire life. The problem is the cause, and effect, are so abstract, so intangible that the issue can likely never be resolved. It’s like trying to take hold of a cloud and wrestle with it.

This is an amazing movie. It is sensitive and tenderly paced. The prison officers were human beings with normal compassion which is probably nearer to the truth that the brutish portrayals that we have become used to. Loved it. Very sad though. So very sad.