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The Good Shepherd (2004). Full thriller movie.

Father Daniel Clemens (Christian Slater), a priest experiencing a crisis of faith, learns that good-hearted Father Andrews (Von Flores) has been accused of murder. Hoping to prove his friend innocent, Daniel turns to Madeline Finney (Molly Parker), a journalist whom he dated before he took his vows. McCaran (Stephen Rea), a church lawyer, also tries to defend the accused man. The three must overcome numerous obstacles – including the Roman Catholic Church itself – to find the truth.

Director: Lewin Webb
Cast: Christian Slater, Molly Parker, Stephen Rea

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A priest who stood by his vows. Commendable

A touching story of a man who had lost his way and fate stepped in, or perhaps divine intervention.

Excellent film, I truly enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Love Christian Slater. He’s such a fine actor. Loved him in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. And Stephen Rea has always been a favorite from the Crying Games to V for Vendetta to Princess Caraboo with Phoebe Cates, to Law and Order: SVU, to so many others. Thanks for sharing.

A good movie. Stephen Rae is one of the best actors I know and I am not saying that because I am Irish.

Filmed in my home town Hamilton Ontario Canada. From the first scene in the movie to the blue line cab….. loved it.

Thanks for the movie, it was great, and really rewarding every minute watching it.

Unbelievable! The only priest with guts and faith is “the good shepherd” . . .

An above average murder suspense “thriller”…… 👌
I thought that it lacked at least a quick scene of the bishop and cardinal offering their justified Apology….. 🙄

Thank you for sharing this wonderful movie 🎥❤

Excellent movie and cast!