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The Great Fight (Full Movie) autistic high school student

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An 18 year old autistic high school student discovers his hidden talent, mixed martial arts. A gripping fight story that will have you standing and cheering—The Karate Kid meets Rain Man.

Directed by Sherri Kauk
Starring Robert Loggia, Charles Durning, Martin Kove, Joyce DeWitt, Angela Little, Tonye Patano, Thomas G. Waites, Thomas G. Waites

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I used to coach bowling with people of all types of handicaps, the one value that’s the most important to them is telling the truth followed by respect. I wish people today had just half of what these people do. Thank you for posting this video. Much love and God bless.

That was one kick ass movie! I enjoyed every second of it. Some people look at autism and a worthless way to survive, little do they know that autism can be powerful in many different ways. We as people need to search for ways to resolve a category that shouldn’t exist at all. Anthony, in the movie, is a shining star with intelligence and power. As I said, great move.

Great movie with a great ending.. Wasn’t exspecting that ending and would have been good to see the kid fight but still a great movie.

Great movie I also have a 18 year old son with autism and a 8 year old son with autism both very different with different level of needs but they are both very beautiful souls people say to me how do I get through the day and my answer is I love them both to the moon and back theirs nothing I would not do for them they are my life they are my blood they are me and I also have wonderful care team speech threpist and a woundiful school were my 8 year old attends witch he Love’s I’m also learning every day from them they teach me stuff as well

Excellent movie he reached the Kid and I believe cured him in most respects! Worth watching!

Loved this movie about channeling and directing even raw, rough energy into something good to be shared.

I really enjoyed this movie. I almost didn’t watch it because I’m not into sports at all but will occasionally watch a movie involving sports like Facing the Giants, We Are Marshall, etc. This one was really good. Thanks for sharing.

Well played out. We can achieve many things when we come together. Good movie.

fantastic story regarding the amazing progress of an austic teen with hidden remarkable skills that develop miraculously.

Thanks once again you guys are doing a great job can’t wait to see what you give us next..♥️

Exquisite–the only word I can think of to describe that movie.

Best line in this movie, “If you can not afford an attorney, SELL YOUR FERRARI!!” lol

Movie was excellent! Very captivating! Anthony got skillz💪

Very good movie, I enjoyed it totally.

La pelicula esta muy chingona. Te felicito. 👍 Tu tienes ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ estrellas.

Incredible Martial Arts film. Subscribed by the way.

This movie was brilliant

Savant autism is one of the marvels of human kind. If we could only figure out the mechanics of the biology it would give us valuable insight into the development of super humanism.

the great fight what a film like aint seen a decent film like that for years brilliant loved it should make more films like this 10 out of 10 5x stars brill worth the watch everybody

I can barely watch any movie entirely through either I fall a sleep or I just shut it off. Don’t get me wrong I do have my favorite movies that I can watch entirely through. This is one of those movies such a badass movie.

This movie is criminally underrated!

Ohhh I thought the boy was gonna fight 🙁🙁🙁 but I still loved it 😂

Anthony has a TRUE Sanish HEART. He should have been allowed to compete. HE would have won! This movie reminds me of the Sea Bisquet, a movie about a Spanish Mustang that RUNS with HEART.