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Time Again

Time Again – A mysterious woman helps prevent a notorious underworld criminal from getting his hands on a set of strange coins that can tip the balance between life and death.

Stars: Scott F. Evans, John T. Woods, Angela Rachelle

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“I’m down to my last mag” 24 shots later… how many bullets do these mags have?!!?! LOL

Just like in Indiana Jones, People shooting think they are going to hit someone behind the rolling shield. Pallet is still there. And the “Sex Toy” still has a charge 6 months later.

Thanks for posting . Wonderful movie.👋👋👋

“I’m down to my last mag.” 15 plus shots later. he still has bullets. That’s some mag.
Apparently the bad guys mags are even better with 30 rounds fired in a row without switching mags. SciFi should give this technology to our military. HaHAHAHAHAHA
Later, after the Fire Alarm is set off, the body guard fires 4 rounds out the window ((for no apparent reason) at the 1st Responders, and 5 minutes later when more cops show up, the Ring leader asks “Now what’s up” and the BG says, “I don’t know. I’ll check it”. Possibly the stupidest line ever written in a movie.
Gee, I wonder why more cops showed up. What could possibly have happened that would have made them come? REALLY?
The Master Mind dude must be the most stupid Crime Boss in history.
Well, at least it’s a good comedy, even if unintended. Especially when the BG fires the gun into a table while the barrel is touching the table top and there is no bullet hole after the gun fires. AMAZING. Hahahaha.
AND. The final roof scene where the BG fires 20 rounds from a single mag without reloading. Hahahahahaha. How edited this movie and who wrote the script. I won’t even ask who the director was.

A shout out for the films cutter, for keeping a reasonable track of this silly setup..
All seen before and probably after.. Thanks for the upload though.

Loved it it was like another groundhog day

A mysterious woman helps prevent an underworld criminal from obtaining a set of strange coins that have power over life and death.

Feel good film worth the watch ☺☺☺☺

Killing the African American bad guy with the explosive charges at the end was the best part. Good special effects with the explosion.

ROTF, Blind boss says some one was looking for her and her line “What did he look like”???