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Agent: Intelligence | Full Sci-Fi Thriller Movie

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Agent: Intelligence – A group of friends go to the desert for a gun instruction course and accidentally unleash a power so great it overwhelms them where they must choose between family and friends versus the fate of the world.

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Overall a top effort from the whole production team….The continuity,armourer,stunts….and even the actors…Score was well suitable and the screen writers obviously understood a good opportunity to bring a half descent storyline to life….Alot of talent with filmmaking.Let’s see if the Agents intelligence goes another round and not blow a sequel.4/5

Don’t know if it’s any good but I’m not even 15 minutes in and the background is breath taken and absolutely beautiful. The shots of the sunset, trees, ocean and beaches were outstanding.

I loved 22:14, reptillian arches his head back at approaching vehicle, and 58:41, soldier steps on the oversized stone. The setting is perfect.

A really phuced ending! Requires a SEQUEL IMMEDIATELY!

A sequel would be interesting to see and what direction the film makers go in and some more of a history on THEM…

I want to see a part 2 of this movie. Please make a sequel, pretty please.

Enjoyed it; I really like where this story is heading. Hopefully, a sequel is in the work.