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BARRY Season 3 Trailer (2022) Bill Hader, Henry Winkler

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If you’re looking for hilarious murder and mayhem, I know just the show for you. HBO’s hottest series, Barry, returns this spring for Season 3. Created, written, starring and sometimes directed by some skinny four-eyed cop who’s just trying to be your friend, this show has everything: The Fonz, the creepy dude from Office Space, a body in a trunk of a car, a body through a windshield, Chechen’s you want to hate, and hate to love.

Yay! Finally!! Can’t wait to watch

Omg! Finallyyyyyy!!!!!

Hopefully there will be more seasons.

Omg so happy now!! However, I’m still quite mad about the premature cancellation of Lovecraft Country, very short sighted of HBO.

Been forever, feeling like Hank envisioning going back to 50/50 with Cristobal.

geez need to watch s2 again to remind me of the plot…. These series take soo long between seasons. its crazy


I need to see this movie yesterday