Céline Dion – Let’s Talk About Love Lyrics

Céline Dion – Let’s Talk About Love (Official Audio)

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Everywhere I go all the places that I’ve been
Every smile is a new horizon on a land I’ve never seen
There are people around the world – different faces different names
But there’s one true emotion that reminds me we’re the same…
Let’s talk about love

From the laughter of a child to the tears of a grown man
There’s a thread that runs right through us all and helps us understand
As subtle as a breeze – that fans a flicker to a flame
From the very first sweet melody to the very last refrain…

Let’s talk about love
Let’s talk about us
Let’s talk about life
Let’s talk about trust
Let’s talk about love

It’s the king of all who live and the queen of good hearts
It’s the ace you may keep up your sleeve – till the name is all but lost
As deep as any sea – with the rage of any storm
But as gentle as a falling leave on any autumn morn…

Let’s talk about love – it’s all we’re needin’
Let’s talk about us – it’s the air we’re breathin’
Let’s talk about life – I wanna know you
Let’s talk about trust – and I wanna show you
Let’s talk about love

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2021 still my favourite. The lyrics soothes my soul.

I always feel calm when I listen to her songs. Her songs and voice are so comfortable for me.

Beautiful song. That talk about love. The universal love. The never ending love. 🖤 #Lets talk about love

Tellement émotionnel, incroyable et magnifique c’est à en couper le souffle 😭❤️☺️ c’est un de mes son préféré 🤩 c’est ma chanteuse favorite qui l’a chante ❤️

I love Celine Dion. She’s my DIVA

I deserve a long listening moment with this masterpiece, it’s crazy I’m falling in love 😍 with myself each day.

My favourite one from the album Let’s Talk about Love. ❤

Celine Dion The Queen of music, living legend.