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End of Innocence

Star high-school quarterback Danny Shepherd and his friends are golden boys. When their simple minded friend commits a violent act, they try to cover up the evidence, but as suspicion mounts, they face the hardest test of their young lives. Alternate title “Blue Ridge Fall.”

Directed by James Rowe
Starring Peter Facinelli, Jay R. Ferguson, Rodney Eastman, Chris Isaak, Heather Stephens, Will Estes
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Great movie. Friends helping each other through bad decisions. Very moving. Takes place in a small town. Great actors and filmed with quality. I recommend watching.

Great movie. I have tried to tell my adult children that our lives can become altered for 3 or 4 decades because of a momentary act of not doing what is right.

EXCELLENT, intense and oddly tragic movie. Certainly not family-oriented but handling the maturity of the situations are what makes such a deep impact. Highly recommend!

One of those movies that can stir you on the inside. 4 tight friends plus 1 with promising lives living in a small town. 1 of the five is slightly mentally challenged, things go from bad to worse when the others come to his rescue by covering up his crime. Things just never go as planned.
Good movie for those like enjoy criminal/ screwed up family- drama.

Powerful lesson about love . Pure platonic love for another person who is not a relative and not the same race. Magnificent, tears of sorrow and triumph, absolute in its delivery of that proverbial message. Thank you for this upload and, I will tell people about this so they can step back from their everyday mundane routine or challenges they figure noone understands however, people do comprehend and are going thru the same too, moreover, but to learn from this is gold as well to demonstrate empathy thus is the take away here and figure out how to help others to improve their lives not end in tragedy even if we going thru stuff….. Have a good afternoon . Thanks.

Great movie. Left me with many thoughts. I recommend this movie to young people going into adulthood.

i would give this movie an 8.5. good watch. No walking talking, frozen dead. no rape sex blood drinking vampires. just a good movie.

Bonita película, aquí lo más importante es la amistad que es para siempre algo difícil de conseguir en estos tiempos me gustó la película