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GERD – You You You

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You You You Lyrics

Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Got you on my mind, simply cause you told me too
Got you on my mind cause I’m scared to lose
Playing in my head cause, you I can’t refuse
Oh, got you on my mind cause its you
Sayin, can we do it all over?
Can we try again?
I know you did me wrong this time and that you would do again
Oh you you you, you I can’t refuse
And there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
To get rid of you, oh oh oh
Silence in your eyes
No place for me now
Thinking that you’d want me
Then say I’m a memory, wow
I guess your love’s been shallow
But I drowned in it somehow
Oh the girl you knew, she’s leaving
I bet you’ll miss her sometimes
But you you you, you I can’t refuse
And there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
To get rid of you, oh oh oh
Got you on my mind
Got you on my mind
Got you on my mind
Got you on my mind
You know that I miss you
Hopes up when you’re calling
You make sure I stay fallen
But I guess, I guess you don’t need me
So now we’re nothing
But I’m still lost in

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Acabo de venir de un anuncio con tu música. Me atrapó desde que comenzó, WOW ESTA CANCIÓN ES MARAVILLOSA Y TU TIENES UN TALENTO WOW

La única canción de anuncios que me gusta, que talento tienes, es impresionante tu voz

You are talented, and it’s only a matter of time that you get discovered.

Acabei de ver essa música num anúncio do YouTube, ela é muito boa

Fan de tu voz y del talento tan increíble que posees, por favor, ¡nunca dejes de hacer música! 🧏🏻‍♂️💙💙💙

First time I didn’t skip an ad. This is so beautiful I just wanted to listen to it to the end❤️! You, you, you have a beautiful and powerful voice!

Essa mulher precisa de reconhecimento urgente!!

I’ve been addicted to her songs ever since I stumbled upon Liars for a Liar. It feels really nice to accompany an artist from the beginning, and this one deserves all the success. Her voice is ethereal.

A futura cantora do momento. Sucesso absoluto pra ti!

Lo vi en un anuncio de Youtube, me encanto.

The best ad I’ve ever heard! You sing great, I loved your song.

I got goosebumps from the first sound when Youtube played it. This is art.

Que grande talento, muito boa a música!

I just listened and I love it, it makes me happy to find a singer with a tremendous, beautiful voice like you I love you ♡♡♡♡

I absolutely love this, hope to see you with the big ones soon! <3

nunca fui tão grato a um anúncio como estou agr, q música perfeita.

Estaba bañándome y me gusto.. Tarde demasiado, pero la encontré..!! Seria excelente esta canción para la nueva temporada de You !!

I’m very happy that he made a video to explain how much I love this song, I hope it gets millions of views, good luck

One day you’ll be on the top of the world… You’re voice will take you on💓