NLE Choppa – Yak Flow Lyrics

NLE Choppa – Yak Flow (Official Music Video)

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[Verse] Everybody forgot about me and the work I put in
I ain’t get the credit that I supposed to get on my end
Old timing sitting in, but I’ma mind my business (I’ma mind my business)
The hottest youngin’ since YB, the hottest out my city (Out my city)
I’m writing this song with no beat, I’m doing poetry (Poetry)
My letter to the streets, I feel that they owe a G (They owe a G)
Aye, all them hits I gave, but it wasn’t enough, I see
I put it in they face until they get enough of me (Til’ they get enough of me)
I’m underrated and most hated, I feel most neglected (I feel most neglected)
Staying patient and complacent, that’s my hardest lesson (My hardest lesson)
I got to face it, they two-faced and they faked expressions (Yeah, they faked expressions)
One minute they love me, they hate me, they be second guessing (They be second guessing)
Only thing, I need God and my family (Family)
On my knees praying, what I want, come to me (Come to me)
A man with love, at the death, I don’t wanna be (I don’t wanna be)
I just wanna get my flowers ‘fore I rest in peace (Rest in peace)
Long nights, deep thoughts while I’m on the road (On the road)
Early mornin’, long talks, only God knows (God knows)
The path he gave me is different, got to stay strong (Got to stay strong)
Pressure bust pipes but it never broke bones (Never broke bones)
‘Cause I be workin’ all night, I think it’s 10AM (Think it’s 10AM)
I’m barely movin’ off of sleep, so don’t play with him (Don’t play with me)
I sell herbs through the day until it’s 8PM (8PM)
And after that, I’m clutching on the nine, double M (Stay with me)
Different women, different cities in the same position (Same position)
Only got time for a quickie in the life I’m living (Live I’m living)
Overthinking every step, I’m moving with precision (Grrt)
One move equals death, that’s a life decision (Brr, brr)
Got to be a role model, I got two children (Yeah, I got two children)
Got a son on the way, God too willing (Too willing)
Clover going onto two, and she too pretty (She three pretty)
I want to have a few kids, don’t care how many (Don’t care how many)
One life, one love, one pipe
Shoot til’ his nose slugs (Til’ his nose slugs)
Get that McLaren and drop the top down
They hate to see us up now, it was all bad but all good (All good)
One life, one love, one pipe
Shoot til’ his nose slugs (Til’ his nose slugs)
Get that McLaren and drop the top down
They hate to see us up now, it was all bad but all good (All good)

Most liked comments about the video

This go crazy choppa I feel like your speaking right from my mind thank you for showing me I’m not alone in the world you are also inspiring me thank you and praise God

this youngin’s versatility is something to be respected and acknowledged … this is dope

Fire brother!

NLE hittin in all ways, love all yo music new and old never disappoints πŸ’œ keep dropping hits

God protect Me while Listening To This Young Man Amen πŸ™πŸΎ

NLE, never disappoints, I have been a fan Since RedRum after that I haven’t stopped having your music on repeat Much Love from Minneapolis, I’m also going to your concert at Skyway Theatre, bought the meet and greet upgrade, ong can’t wait to go June 1stπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Much love brother πŸ™ your music has gotten better constantly over time, keep grinding manπŸ’ͺ love it

I’m 54 years old and one of your biggest fans. Love this song each album getting better. Your growth as a man, talent and maturity eats each year. Keep it up!!!!!

This song helps right now when I`m at my lowest dark point… πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ inspiring, motivational.. keep it going NLE Choppa