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A top fertility doctor had a sickening secret: he was using his own sperm. Decades later, his “children” band together to pursue justice.

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They revoked his license to practice 9 years after he retired smh certain people in a position of power can get away with anything. This man has served no jail time even though he lied to official State Attorney office investigators, the mothers, and many more. He violated fertility mandates requiring that the sperm from the same donor would not be used more than 3 times and he should be punished to the fullest extent possible. It’s disgusting that all these half siblings are in the same area.

Netflix is killing it with these documentaries! This story is crazy. Can’t wait to watch.

Netflix should rebrand itself and just become a documentary powerhouse; they’re content in that genre is incredible.

This has got to be the worst nightmare of anyone who has ever or will ever need to use any sort of IVF/sperm donor. This is genuinely one of the worst types of violation I can imagine. The pain this would bring to the child, to both their parents, I just can’t even imagine. I will definitely be watching this.

It caused severe trauma to anyone who found out his/her biological father is a monster. To make it worse, this monster is beyond the law for decades. Cannot wait to see this documentary.👍

My heart breaks for all the children that didn’t get born from their true fathers dna due to that sick doctors scheme!!

Ugh this gives me chills – this is horrifying.