Red Hot Chili Peppers – These Are The Ways

Red Hot Chili Peppers – These Are The Ways (Official Music Video)

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The song will repeat

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Amazing song! Completely different sound from Red Hot compared to the last several albums.

Referências ao Foo Fighters total! Os caras do Rock sempre se ouvem! Mt bom! Ps. Uma pena a perda do Baterista do FF inclusive! 😔 Ps2. Viva RHCP

A música me faz lembrar o FOO FIGHTERS! Mas gosto deles… então curti muito a música! Chili peppers melhor banda de todos os tempos pra mim! ❤️ Arrebentaram no álbum!!!!!

mano, sem palavras!!! melhor banda que existe, obrigada por tudo

Que álbum incrível melhor ainda com a volta de John, essa música ao vivo vai bombar 👏👏👏👏

I absolutely love this clip, happy to see Anthony in such a good form, to hear the incredible guitars and drums. .thank you loves❤

Um dos poucos sobreviventes dos bons tempos da música !!! Dá-lhe Red Hot.

To me it’s the best song on the new album. Something fresh and different with a supercatchy chorus ❤ Thank you!

El riff final me dio 50 años más de vida. MALDITO TEMAZO.

Have been counting down the days for the album to drop, and its finally here. Have been on the chili train for over 30 years. I love all there music. If I feel I don’t like a song I somehow find a way to love it. This doesn’t happen with any other band. Only the Red Hots. A true blessing to have grown with this band.