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Capsule | Full Sci-Fi Drama | Stranded In Space

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Capsule – A British astronaut fights for survival when his space capsule malfunctions and he starts suffering from hypoxia while orbiting the Earth.

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I just love sci-fi, and this proved to be another winner. Carried by one person (on screen) and a wonderfully twisted ending. Thanks for uploading this gem!

‘Cutting edge British technology’ was my favorite line. Good, well acted Sci Fi drama.

Very good movie, well done to all involved. Ignore the list of the negative comments, they must be written with people with bollocks for brains.

The gasket in the helmet is like a beat up inner tube. No wonder his oxygen is gone! That suit is just sad. No spacesuit would ever look like that.

Inaccurate I guess, but well done. To the sole actor, bravo!👍

This movie’s length is about the time it takes to fly around the world once, given altitude and speed.

Not a bad little movie. I enjoyed it. Nice work. 😊