Kane Brown, blackbear – Memory

Kane Brown, blackbear – Memory (Official Video)

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The song will repeat

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10/10 would go to space again

idk why Kane gets hate for singing different genres of music.. yeah he’s a country singer, but his voice fits everything. top 5 2021 songs!

This has become my “go to” song! To lift my spirits from the grips of depression. I love you both! Your voices blend beautifully!

I am over 1 year sober now and this song just had me in tears. I was completely trapped by the bottle and it took me to the brink of death to finally ask for help and admit that I had a problem. This song sums up my experience as a whole and has and will help me to stay humble and thankful for everything I have and everything I went through

So this song came up on my Spotify shuffle, and when I heard the lyrics, I cried my eyes out. I have been battling with depression for years now, and some parts of the song hit so hard. I have trouble asking for help, even when it’s literally all I want to do. I feel like I am a really weak person in moments I need help. This song is about reaching out, and it makes reaching out feel alright.

The collab we didn’t know we needed

I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t the slightest idea who Blackbear is but anything Kane puts out is always fantastic. I might add that I’m 70 years old and don’t follow music like I used too. Except for Kane Brown that is. Lol

I wish more of the public would embrace the fact that all the genres of merging together and I love it

This song I just found out about it the other day, I’ve listened to it like 100 times so far. It’s amazing

Can someone please give blackbear the proper recognition he deserves😭 he only features on amazing songs, that is telling… add him to any song and it’s going to be that much better🔥