The Nile – On the Banks of the World’s Longest River | Free Documentary Nature – Watch Full Documentary

The Nile – On the Banks of the World’s Longest River | Free Documentary Nature

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The Nile – On the Banks of the World’s Longest River | Nature Documentary

Watch ‘World’s Last Paradises’ here:

This documentary presents us with opulent images of fabulous landscapes and fascinating people that make a living in the Nile valley, between optimism and tradition, with fantasy and creativity.
No other river is as cloaked in mystery as the Nile and no other river rules the surrounding countryside through which it flows quite as much as the Nile.
We experience the dawn of a great civilisation, whose buildings still cause us to stare in sheer astonishment to this very day.

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Really nice to see how Egyptians love the river Nile and see their daily life. what I don’t understand is they all say it’s dying. We Ethiopians are planting billions of trees every year so that rain became abundant. when it rains in Ethiopia, the Nile will go larger in Egypt. we (including Sudan) can use the Nile for thousands of years to come. we should abolish distrust among us and work together.

This was very good, thank you for posting. It’s so good to see a perspective of places from the people who live there and not just tourist views. So interesting and a good variety of different personal aspects. … But that black Cobra, .. made me squirm in my seat. Cheers.

I could watch 100 more of these type of doccies! I find Egypt and the nile to be fascinating topics.

Actually one of the most respectful and regarding documentary about those regions really it contains new information to me 🌷 thanks 🎉

if you ever have a chance to visit, THEN DO IT! Went on a cruise down the Nile 2 yrs ago……brings a feeling of awe, humility and realizing how “insignificant” we are as individuals when looking at the bigger pic of thousands of yrs of history and culture. Is a bit expensive to get there, but once in Egypt, it is a very affordable trip.

I AM FROM THE REGION OF THE SOURCE OF NILE…I have been watching the nile river pass by crossing countries while my farmers are always depending only on the rain..but every 10 years or so,if the rain stops,the farmers suffer from hunger and draught because no one taught them how to use irrigation..but every time our govs come up to use the water..some how a coup we know egypt has been behind all the coup of our govs…that is why this time we are determined to use our resources dead or alive…we are not going to suffer through the famine and drought millions of people dying while we are paraised by egypt and western powers while we own the resource…we have nothing to loose by fighting for our rights to our resources..if we don’t fight or fight,death is clear any ways…

En todos los países donde crusa el nilo tienen que cuidarlo reforestandolo y mantenerlo limpió porque es una bendición

The Nile goes through Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan, Eritrea, and Egypt we are all people of the Nile.

Your documentaries show us that there is a force not wanting us to see the truth about how amazing people of the world truly are,