Kehlani – wish i never

Kehlani – wish i never [Official Audio]

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The song will repeat

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the sample go crazy if this ain’t on the radio ima be tight 😭

One of the best tracks of the new album for sure

R &b with a touch of 90’s hip hop, gosh she’s really from another planet.😩

She’s insane if she has no plans on releasing this one as a single.

If this album doesn’t deserve a Grammy I don’t know what does.


kehlani put crack in this song i’ve listened to it about 10 times in a row 👀🔥

Her flow and delivery on this song is 🔥🔥🔥 and it sounded like she sampled two different beats for this song. In the first half it sounded like she used the beat from the song “This is how we do it” and towards the end is sounded like she used the beat from the song “I wanna sex you up.” If she did use both beats for this song then they meshed pretty well together in my opinion.

Guys I listened to the entire record and… MY HEART IS FULL, MY SOUL IS CALM, AND MY MIND IS AT EASE. Wow Kehlani really hit my soft spot for real she sounds so peaceful on BWR this was worth all the wait and I honestly almost cried too. All of tracks are beautiful but this one right here is a banger. Kehlani also got pretty experimental on this especially with her vocals. Anyway I promise Blue Water Road is no disappointment💯❤️🌊