Wildlife Laws: Swimming Lions | Watch Full Documentary Nature

Wildlife Laws: Swimming Lions | Free Documentary Nature

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Millions of years ago, the area was a massive freshwater lake, but today the Okavango Delta is a unique system of islands and waterways. Such a remarkable kingdom needs a ruler. Enter the lion. However, the Okavango is so extreme, that making it here has involved them making a dramatic lifestyle twist: during the wet season these lions live a semi-aquatic life that sees them hunting prey as they move from island to island.

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Very interesting documentary and it’s amazing how species coexist with each other based on how the environment and behavior is different from prides that don’t normally live under the same conditions

I have to applaud Botswana…not only are they a flourishing democracy, their dedication to wildlife preservation is something from which we could all learn.

I loved this and one of the best lion documentaries I’ve ever watched

Beautiful wildlife&nature views…Amazing

Amazingly documentary on one of my favourite big cat 🦁🦁🦁 they consider a capable predator on the African Savanna, also for this social family structure. Thanks for sharing and good job.

I think the digging around the carcass is a territorial behavior using the glands in the paw pad to scent mark around the kill

Wonderful 🤗🤗,I enjoyed it and thanks for sharing

Great Video, keep making them. I loved it.

Lions are so beautiful the muscular build of these Lionesses amazing

Time well spent 😍

Lions are so adaptable, wherever or whatever the prey is they will find a way of getting to it. Are there no crocodiles in this area? An obvious threat to lions.

Wonderful 🙌

When I click on a wildlife video, I just want to see wildlife acting wild. I don’t want to see lions doped up and collared or humans around a campfire.

Maria…this a nature red of tooth and claw..without predators the prey would become so populous they would starve…it’s happened in places here in the US. Now the deer have be culled because killed of the predators. There are places where they become so hungry they eat paint off houses. Predators have a right to,live and are to critical to a healthy ecosystem. Nature red of tooth and claw!

Nature = balance.

This was awesome to watch ty

Lion of Judah ✝️🥰

And this is what advanced ET beings are doing during the abductions. So don’t see them as evil-

A question why lions Lamb their prey before eating🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

By 4:52 I had it with this video jumping from scene to scene not unlike a TV commercial. Amateurish cobbling together unrelated scene after scene “blinking me off”.

Introduction of crocodiles that’s where lions avoid water.