Alan Walker x Jamie Miller – Running Out Of Roses

Alan Walker x Jamie Miller – Running Out Of Roses (Official Lyric Video)

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Incredible Brother, sounds that reach the depths of our senses. 🎶

How did I live before Alan Walker? He is now 90% of my daily playlist. Each single becomes a favorite song!

“All the different faces, ones i used to hate, i miss them now that they’re gone”, this line man, this describes what being an introvert in the pandemic feels like…awesome song man, love this so bad

Man, i wish these songs were longer.

It ends and i just feel sad, and play it over and over.

Kudos bro, the EP rocks 💪🏽💚

Ten utwór to piękne arcydzieło. Kapitalna robota. 😉😃

Alan, you are an amazing mind blowing fantastic man. You have so many fans who love all the songs you make and they are the fans who give you support, just like I do. I am sure we can all agree that your music is the best that I have ever heard in my whole life. I can always relate to the lyrics and that makes me happy. I still have dreams where I meet you in person and give you a hug, and I wake up so happy and motivated to start my day. You’ve basically changed my life, that is incredible. Every morning, I hop on my phone and check YouTube to see if you’ve posted a new song. And when I find something you posted, I always click the like button before it even finishes loading because it’s going to be good. You even taught me something important. You’ve taught me that even in a difficult situation, that I am never alone because there are people who are going through the same thing as me. For a song to teach me something is so amazingly good. How do you make music so good? What is it like? Those are things I wonder. So I tried making my own music. It took time, but I eventually made my own music with an app on my phone. It’s mostly limited, but I am proud of my results. And a person like you deserves respect. I can’t describe how much I LOVE YOU!! (not romantically) and I know for a fact that every single fan of you is thinking the same thing, about how much they all love you. I am so proud of you Alan. You have no limits, you spread your wings and take to the sky, and all of your fans will follow you through your journey as proud Walkers. I love you Alan. (Not romantically)