Clean Bandit x Darkoo – Everything But You

Clean Bandit x Darkoo – Everything But You (ft. BackRoad Gee & Young Chencs) [Official Music Video]

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The song will repeat

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The blend with afro beats was on point 🇳🇬

versatility, beat on fire, uniqueness, … just masterpiece

Still can’t get enough of this song 😍

Darkoo always looks like she’s just a passenger in her best life. Like the perfect amount of chill.

Insanity! How do you manage to take a perfect song and make it even better?! WOW… ❤🧡💚🔥

Clean Bandit is a huge inspiration to me and I WILL produce a song with them one day.

Brooo this is insane , darkoo and clean bandit 🔥🔥man i can’t be more proud

I love this version. Clean bandit, you never disappoint us! Come to Colombia some day please!

I love how addicting Clean Bandit’s music! so love how they creative they are. Hopefully they will have a concert in the Philippines

Thanks for bustin this flow this Friday, Clean Bandit! Check out the Convergence of planets at night while you can! Blessed be, Musical Siblings!